Meet our Fabulous Four

Debbie Cole


Debbie grew up in St. Joseph and started her skating career with a Brownie Scout Troop outing to earn a skating badge. She is the first and only St. Joseph FSC member to pass both “Gold Figure” and “Gold Freestyle” tests. As an amateur competitor for 14 years, Debbie competed at every level at the Southwest Regional Championships except Juvenile. She has also competed at the Senior Level at the National Collegiate Championships in 1992 and 1993. She is currently a member of United States Figure Skating Association, ISI, and the Professional Skaters Association; holding a Senior Rating.

Debbie currently is the Skate School Director and oversees the coaches of the Learn to Skate USA program.  She is the head coach of the Griffon Gliders Synchronized Skating Teams and the director of the St. Joseph Figure Skating Club’s annual Spring Show.  Debbie has coached skaters at both the Regional and Sectional Levels.  With 20 years of coaching experience, she passes on her love of the sport and her competitive spirit that is not only displayed in her students skating, but also in their lives outside of the sport.

She is currently accepting new students.
Debbie is a home club member of the St. Joseph Figure Skating Club.
She is in full compliance with U.S. Figure Skating. 


Klaranda Behren

 Once Klaranda got on the ice, she never wanted to get off.  Since beginning at the age of 5, Klaranda’s burning passion for figure skating has led her to compete at multiple Regional competitions, earn a Nine States Southwestern Junior Champion title, and achieve her gold medal in Moves in the Field.  She has had the privilege to perform as a guest skater alongside national champions, and is an accredited member of the Professional Skaters Association and United Figure Skating Association.  

She has experience managing Basic Skills and Beyond Basics programs along with group and private lessons.  In addition to coaching, she plans to compete at the Senior level in the upcoming season while attending Park University, where she is majoring in Fitness and Wellness with minors in Social Psychology and Psychology.  This education along with her intellect, compassion, and perseverance will allow her to guide and direct those she teaches.  

Klaranda’s love of the sport has allowed her to overcome many obstacles that provide an exceptional insight to understanding each skater’s unique style and needs.  She is currently accepting new students. 


Grace Slater-Pinnick


Grace fell in love with skating when she took it as a homeschool class. Since then she has passed several skating tests, competed at USFSA & ISI competitions, and skated for a few years as part of the Griffon Gliders Synchronized Skating team. She teaches in the Basic Skills/Learn to Skate classes, gives private lessons, and has successfully coached skaters for competitions. 

Grace’s determination as a skater has taught her the value of hard work. Her goal is to become the best coach she can be, and to help young skaters fulfill their dreams on the ice. References available.

She is currently accepting new students.

Grace is a home club member of the St. Joseph Figure Skating Club.
She is in full compliance with U.S. Figure Skating.


Jessica Anderson

Bio Coming Soon